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Apartment Moving

When you’re moving to an apartment, especially when you’re moving from a standalone home, there are going to be certain differences to consider and certain steps that need to be taken to ensure a smooth transition. No matter why you are making the move, it is important to get ahead of the process so that you can accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished with a cool and level head. For this reason, the professional moving consultants and experts here at have compiled the following information so that you can approach your apartment move in a manner that will remove the stress from the situation while making things easy to handle for everyone involved.

Planning and Preparations
As with anything, planning ahead and preparing for the events involved in a move to a new apartment can ensure that you get everything taken care of and that nothing is missed. There are a lot of different aspects of moving to an apartment, so consider the following and get everything in order before the moving process begins.

  • Choose When to Move: Finding the right time of the year to relocate can make things infinitely easier for you and your family. Consider the location you are moving to and think about when it would be the easiest to find a great apartment. For example, if you are moving to a college town, think about moving later in the summer after the early season rush to move out, but before the late, pre-semester rush to move in before school starts. Likewise, consider the late spring for urban areas so that you can beat the rush to move in and out, which generally occurs during the summertime.
  • Find a Great Apartment Mover: Not all moving companies are created equally, and some simply don’t have the experience or the knowledge – or the tools – to ensure a successful move to your new apartment. For this reason, contact various companies and ask questions about apartment moving needs like, is the company insured in case they damage the apartment when they are moving things in and out, do they have the tools to handle moving your goods up and down stairs, and are they able to traverse the distances from where they have to park the large moving truck to the building with ease.
  • Find a Great Apartment: Locating the right apartment for you and your family is probably one of the most important preparations that you need to take care of. Remember, this is where you will be living in the months and, perhaps, years to come, so you want to make sure you choose a safe location that appeals to what you’re looking for in a neighborhood. Don’t be afraid to talk to the neighbors and ask about the management, then go online and get more information from people who have written reviews or left comments on the apartment complexes you are considering. Finally, check crime rates and see if there are other aspects you should be concerned about before you pay a deposit and reserve your place.

Onwards to Moving Day!
Now that the preparations are in place, it’s time to start the actual moving process. What many people don’t realize is that the moving process actually starts long before moving day actually arrives. For some, especially those who are moving to an apartment, the process can actually begin even before you start packing. Remember, apartment moving is a bit different than moving into a bigger, standalone home, so keep the following things in mind as the big day approaches.

  • Weed Out Things You Don’t Need: The thing about an apartment is that there is not much room in that living space, especially if you are used to living in a full sized house. As such, you should always take some time to weed out things you don’t need so that you don’t have to face a cluttered home when you are trying to settle into your new apartment. Likewise, measure your furniture and map out the rooms of your new apartment so that you can be sure that everything is going to fit where you need it to be.
  • Give Notice: It’s never a good idea to move out without giving your current landlord notice. Most leases actually require you to give thirty day notice, in writing, if you want to get your deposit back. But there are other reasons to maintain a good parting relationship with your current landlord; they can help as a reference later down the road if you find yourself in need of one.
  • Preventing Damage: Because you do want your deposit back, it’s important to consider what you can do to prevent damage to the place where you are living now, as well as the apartment where you are moving to. You need to protect your current home, and your future home, before the movers are transporting your furniture through the doorways and across the light colored carpets, so consider methods of doing so a week before moving day at least. Some good methods of protection can include special door frame pads that you can get from your local moving store, carpet film that can protect the carpet from stains and rips or tears, or using extra moving boxes as a path that the movers can take from one room to another.
  • Cleaning Up: Finally, don’t forget to make plans on how to clean up the place where you live before you vacate it completely. Most of the time, cleaning costs are something that apartment management will take out of your deposit if you leave the place a mess, so if you want to ensure that you get your entire deposit back, you need to plan to clean up after yourself. The best time to clean is after the movers have taken everything out of your home, so consider allowing your utilities to overlap and be on in both your old home and your new apartment at the same time so that this stage of the process is easy for you and anyone helping you.

There are specific steps involved in a move to an apartment, but the process doesn’t have to be any more complex or difficult than it would have if you were moving into a home. Simply keep in mind that you need to plan and prepare by finding a good time of year to move, locating a great apartment moving company, and securing a great apartment, and then get ready for moving day by weeding out things you don’t need, giving notice to your current landlord, taking steps to prevent damage to your current residence, and making plans to clean the place after your things are on their way to your new home. If you are sure to address these simple points along the way and throughout the moving process, you’ll discover that moving to an apartment isn’t as difficult as it might seem.

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