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Bad Economic Times Mean People Don’t Move

Recent census reports are showing that the recession is not only hurting retail businesses and luxury consumer goods and services; the lack of money is also preventing people from moving to a new home. While some people are still moving, generally away from expensive homes that they can no longer afford, others who would have moved under other circumstances are staying put longer and putting off the need to relocate. Furthermore, those who are relocating are finding out that moving things on their own is cheaper than trying to get moving quotes that fall into their very limited budget. Combined, all of this has created a distinct pattern that shows how many people simply are choosing to remain where they are instead of finding a new home throughout this time of economic downturn.

So Much Uncertainty

At a time when there is so much uncertainty plaguing us, it is impossible to get people to look only at the bright side of things. Instead of thinking about the future money that could be saved by moving closer to the city, people are choosing to remain where they are in order to save that cash right now. The global mindset is shifting from one where people were willing to set aside things now for things in the future, but because there is no telling when the economy might pick back up, people are viewing it as better and safer to keep things in their pocket where they are readily accessible rather than investing things. While this might seem like a logical mindset, the result is an even deeper slide of the overall economy.

Census Bureau Data

The United State Census Bureau began collecting information about the movement of people around the United States back in 1948. Last year, from 2010 to 2011, was a record year in that only eleven percent of people moved from one place to another throughout the year. That makes this year the year when the fewest people moved from one home to another. And while some states didn’t see any movement overall, even the larger states suffered. Still, some of the more popular routes continued to be popular, with almost seventy thousand people moving from California to Texas and fifty-five thousand moving from Florida to Georgia.

To Move or Not to Move?

Perhaps the biggest question plaguing consumers these days is the simple ‘to move or not’? While this might seem like an easy to answer question based on the things that are going on around you, there is no telling what other factors an individual might be considering in their coming to an answer. Thankfully, it looks as if the economy is slowly coming around, but we won’t know much more until 2012 has more time to take hold. In the end, choosing to make the move can often pay off in the long run, so be careful before you write off the option as being too expensive for the time being. You might be thankful that you took the plunge rather than waiting around for a better time in which to do so.

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