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Five Things to Know About Chicago IL Before Moving There

So you’ve made the ultimate decision to move to Chicago using Chicago moving companies. Arriving at this decision probably wasn’t quick or easy, unless you’ve wanted to move there for some time now and you have already looked into different Chicago movers in your area. But now that you have arrived at that decision, it is important to learn all that you can about the place where you will soon be living. There are many aspects of this city that make it different than any other place in the country; knowing a few simple things that stand out here can make dealing with your move a bit easier in the long run. Whether you are relocating to this place, known as the Windy City, because of work or because of some other reason, make sure to keep the following five things in mind.

1. Transportation: In many places around the country, owning a vehicle is something that you are required to do. This means that you have to pay for the vehicle, as well as for insurance to cover the vehicle, along with any taxes that might be due in the location where you live. When you move to Chicago, you might also end up paying quite a bit in tickets, as finding a parking place for that vehicle is often quite difficult. For that reason, you might want to consider leaving your vehicle where you are moving from. Sell it or give it to a family member who will use it and plan on using the Chicago Transportation Authority’s well integrated transportation system that allows you to get where you need to go affordably. Be sure that you get moving quotes and hire moving companies that are well versed in the transport situation of the city as well; the last thing you want is to have to deal with the legal ramifications of movers who have gotten a ticket for parking in front of your new apartment building or home when they weren’t legally allowed.

2. Living Space: Chicago is a big city with limited space. While you will find a lot of different stuff in the area, such as many unique ‘towns’ all within the city limits, what you won’t find is a lot of open space. Because there are so many people in the area, there is less space in which to live, which means that you will usually end up living in a smaller apartment building. This is important to note, as you should be aware of the living space you will have before you make an attempt at moving all of your things to your new home. Working with a good real estate agent will help you find a place that is big enough to give you the space that you need while staying within your budget. When you know what space you have, weed out the things that you will not be able to fit and things that you don’t really use. Only keep what you need and pack what you will take; this will save you money and heartache at the other end of the move as the moving companies will only charge you for the reduced weight of what you actually move and you won’t have to worry about unpacking quite so much when you do arrive there.

3. The Intricacies of Chicago Life: Living in Chicago means that you will be jumping into a culture that is not like what you are used to now. Not only will you be in a compressed place with thousands of other people, but you will be faced with cultural aspects that you might not have been exposed to previously. One of the most prevalent of these cultural aspects is the food that has defined Chicago throughout the recent past. There are plenty of restaurants throughout the various small ‘towns’ that exist within the city limits, each with their own persona. There are Italian restaurants that offer traditional Chicago deep dish pizza, a dish that has made the city famous, as well as hot dog stands that offer traditional dogs made up in the traditional style. Don’t ask for ketchup on your dogs; most stands don’t even offer this as a topping, but you can get dill pickles, mustard, and onions! And don’t forget about the sports rivalry you’ll find in the city; no matter who you are, you’ll have to make a choice – Chicago Cubs or the White Sox.

4. Weather and Clothing: There are few places in the country that have weather like you’ll find in Chicago. If you are moving into the area from out of state, make sure that you have or budget for a sufficient wardrobe of winter clothing so that you can stay warm all winter long. In this city, the wind makes it feel much cooler than it actually is. For that reason, having a supply of warm clothing, jackets, and hooded clothes can make it easier to bear the longest season of the year. At the same time, there are months where you can enjoy the warmth of the sun, so don’t get rid of all of your summer clothing. While the city might be mostly known for the frigid winters, there are actually four, well defined seasons to enjoy when you live in Chicago. While winter might seem as if it is the longest, requiring the largest investment in specialized clothing, fall, spring, and summer are all times of the year to enjoy as well.

5. Taxes and Financial Expectations: Much like when you are moving to any other location around the country, knowing what to expect financially is important. Chicago is a big city, and as such, it is more expensive to live there than it is to live in a smaller town. Still, it is cheaper than living in New York City or Los Angeles. The state income tax was just raised, but even so, it is cheaper to buy food and clothing in this area than in many other urban locations. Rent is similarly priced, with a range being in place that can vary depending on the ‘town’ a place is located in and its proximity to the main downtown area. Generally, the closer that a place is to downtown, the more expensive it will be. The newer places will be more expensive as well. Finding a moving company who is versed in moving to the congested city can be slightly more expensive as well; not only do you have to find a company who knows how to navigate the terrible traffic, but you also have to worry about finding one with the right certificate of liability insurance as required by the building management and one who is versed in the legal ramifications of a move.

Moving to Chicago doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do, especially if you’re employing Chicago moving companies to help with transporting your things. While there are many differences that make this city something unlike that which you’ve seen before, overcoming the financial and culture shock doesn’t have to be troubling. On the contrary, by keeping these simple tips in mind, you can enjoy your move rather than dreading it.