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Ten Things You Need to Remember When Hiring Cross Country Moving Companies

Moving across the country is one of the most difficult prospects that you might face this year, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible task. On the contrary, moving to a new home in another state can be simple and fun, if you have the right tools at your disposal. Perhaps the most important tool to acquire is help actually moving your things from one home to another. You could opt to handle this yourself, but when you are talking about cross country moving, it is often better to hire a professional moving company to do it for you. However, hiring such cross country moving companies might not be quite as simple as it sounds because of the huge prevalence of moving scams out there these days. That’s why the experts here at Moving Quotes have compiled this list of ten things you need to remember when hiring such movers. Keep these things in mind and you’ll find that moving across state lines can be easy and stress free, with the right approach.

1. Brokers are not moving company representatives.
When you call for moving quotes from cross country movers, you often will be speaking with a broker who then assigns a moving job to a specific company. These brokers do not represent a mover and movers do not have to honor the prices that they quote.

2. Binding moving quotes are the safest type of estimate you can get.
The only way to get an accurate cross country moving quote on how much your move is going to cost is to get a binding moving quote. A binding quote is a legally binding contract that states an upper limit of how much a mover can charge and is provided by the moving company itself and not a broker.

3. Insurance isn’t something to skip or skimp on.
Remember, you are trusting everything that you own to cross country movers that you found online or in the phone book. While they may really be a wonderful company, accidents do happen. Make sure you have enough moving insurance to cover the total loss of your things just in case. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

4. Pets need their own plan.
If you have pets, then you need to make a separate plan to move them to your new home. Cross country movers will not move your pets for you with the rest of your stuff, so you will have to take them with you or hire a special pet mover to handle this need. Either way, plan ahead for a smooth relocation.

5. A moving schedule helps you avoid forgetting anything.
Don’t forget anything when you are moving by building a written moving schedule that includes all of the different things that you will have to take care of before your move can be considered complete. This also helps to reduce stress associated with the move.

6. Avoiding stressful situations with the kids requires forethought.
No one wants to stress out the kids when a move is imminent, but avoiding such stress really requires you to be on top of things from the very beginning. Introduce the idea of a move early on to your kids so they can get used to it, and then plan ahead to make the change even smoother.

7. Checking the Better Business Bureau and Online for reviews can save heartache.
Never hire cross country moving companies without first checking online to see what kind of a reputation the company has. There are plenty of scams out there; avoid them by gathering information from the BBB or from other consumers who have posted reviews and such online.

8. Keep paperwork close by in case you run into trouble.
No matter where you are moving or what cross country moving companies you are planning to use, be sure to keep any and all paperwork nearby just in case you need it. This should include household, identification, and pet paperwork.

9. For a great move, treat your cross country movers right.
Want to make your move better? Go the extra mile for the cross country movers and they will return the favor. Consider offering drinks and snacks throughout the day on moving day and don’t forget a tip.

10. Know your rights and responsibilities before you move.
The biggest mistake that consumers make these days when hiring cross country moving companies is that they don’t know what their rights are when moving. Make sure you are familiar with yours so that you aren’t caught in the middle of any kind of moving scam.

In the end, it won’t matter where you plan on moving to or how far you have to move to make that happen, having professional cross country moving companies on your side can be the single most helpful tool that you have throughout the entire process. Why stress yourself and your family out over having to relocate? Save yourself the trouble and the anxiety by choosing movers that are honest and true to their word. While there are plenty of moving scams out there today, you don’t have to worry about becoming another victim if you keep these simple things in mind.

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