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Five Questions to Ask Any Potential Mover

Questions to ask potential moverThere are thousands of professional movers you can find in the market today. Finding the right moving company to move your things from one home to another can be difficult. There are thousands of moving companies out there if you count each individual company in all of the cities across the US. Whether you are moving locally, or over long distances, residential moving is something that takes time and energy to set up. Finding the right mover takes up most of this time and energy, but you can streamline the searching process by asking some very important and informative questions. Here are five questions that you should ask any mover, regardless of where your destination might be.

Are you a mover or just a broker?

Most of the time, when you first call a mover you will speak to a broker. Broker’s provide a valuable service; they match customers up to movers that are offering the services that the person requires. While the broker is an important part of the overall process, they are not moving companies. By law, brokers do not have to give consumers accurate price quotes, and they are not liable for damages incurred throughout the move. As such, make sure that you are getting your quotes from a mover rather than just a broker.

Do you offer free binding estimates?

A binding estimate is the safest way to move. Unlike the fast estimates that are given by brokers or moving companies over the phone, these binding estimates present a maximum price that you will have to pay for the services that are rendered. This quote is a legally binding contract; at the end of the move, the company cannot charge you more than what is stipulated on the paper. Because you can plan for a set amount, this type of quote can help you make a realistic moving budget.

Are there any transfers involved?

Some long distance moves require that your things be transferred from one truck to another somewhere in the middle of the move. Not only does this subject your things to more handling and a larger chance of damage, but it also presents the possibility of something getting lost or left behind. In order to avoid these problems, you should always opt for a move that is without such transfers. Not all companies can offer this; look for one that will agree to these terms before you sign on.

What insurance is included in the services you offer? Can I purchase more?

All movers are required to carry some kind of liability insurance in case they should damage or destroy something that belongs to the consumer who has purchased their services. There are differing amounts of insurance, but the lowest level is normally the one that is required by law. Make sure to find out just how much insurance is included and how you can purchase more.

What kind of extra charges might I face?

No matter what kind of binding estimate you were able to get, make sure that you consider any extra services that might be charged on your account at some point throughout the move. It is important to know just what extras might appear on your bill so that you can be prepared to pay for them. In the end, taking the surprises out of the move will only benefit you and your family. Ask for moving quotes ahead of time so that you can prepare your finances.

Having the answers to these questions can go a long way to making sure your moving company is nothing less than great.

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