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How to Hire Help for Moving Day

Regardless of where you might be moving to, having help on moving day will make your move something that you can cope with. Don’t fool yourself; you cannot handle moving everything that you own by yourself. You are going to need help, so it is best to decide early what kind of help you are going to go with so that you can make plans now and reduce the stress throughout the entire moving process. There are a few different places you can go in order to line up help on the big day. Here are a few of the most popular places that provide just the kind of help you are looking for.

  • Professional movers and moving companies: These companies specialize in moving people from one place to another. In some cases, they are willing to provide hourly workers if the company is not really that busy. You will have to catch them at a time when they really have little else to do, so summertime moves are generally out. Still, because the workers that you get are professional movers, they might be able to offer helpful suggestions that will make your move less stressful overall. Be sure to call early and schedule these guys, and always ask about minimums that might be required. Don’t hesitate to ask them for moving quotes as well.
  • Truck Rental agencies and partners: Big name truck rental companies often have a preffered list of companies that provide moving assistance. There may also be some workers that work for a given truck rental company exclusively. If you are renting a truck, then consider opting for some kind of package deal where you get a truck and moving help when you are leaving one home, and more help when you arrive at your new home. Remember, you are going to need help on both sides of the move, so plan accordingly.
  • Specialized Moving Help: There are plenty of companies out there that offer services for people who are making an attempt at moving themselves. These workers do not provide the transport, but they do provide the muscle and they are well versed in the moving industry as they work every day as a mover. Many of these companies have an online presence, so you can check them out and even get quotes online. Keep in mind that they usually come with a two hour minimum at the very least, so budget this into your moving costs.
  • Day Labor: If you have a day labor company near you, then you might be able to pick up some workers from there when you need to move. This type of aid is easier to find in larger cities, but smaller areas sometimes have something comparable. You can also find day laborers congregating around local hardware stores, so if all else fails, look there. You will probably have to negotiate the fees, but you can figure about ten to twenty dollars per hour for each of your workers.
  • Temporary Positions: Usually temporary agencies specialize in sending workers to large factories or offices around your local area, but if you call them with a job, they will almost always provide workers for you. Keep in mind that these workers are not skilled, so you might have to provide extra directions for them throughout the day. Be sure to call the agency ahead of time so that you can set up your job and have workers available when you need them. Usually, the agency will charge a flat fee depending on what you need for the day.

Moving is a difficult prospect, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as you might imagine. No matter where you are going, you are going to need some assistance. Consider these five tips and plan ahead so that you can move without the stress.Movers carry a couch

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