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Moving Insurance

Nine times out of ten, accidents that cause damage or injury occur when you are least prepared to handle them. From finalizing a home purchase, or closing on the house you are selling, this period of time in your life is hectic. With everything happening so fast, it is easy to overlook the need for a moving insurance policy; at least until things settle down and you realize that the movers damaged your two hundred year old furniture!
What You Think You Know
Most people might think that movers have their own insurance, which is true. All moving companies are legally responsible for having the proper coverage filed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety administration before they can operate normally. It sounds like a winning situation for consumers, but anyone who puts their trust in the movers’ policy might find themselves in a bad situation after the move.
Beyond the Veil
The truth is, insurance offered by the movers often lack in coverage, allowing your household goods to be at risk. This is why you should make time to find a good moving insurance policy that will cover everything that you own while it is in transit to your new home. No matter how much you are moving, this is a very important step in the overall moving process; one that should never be skipped or avoided.
Protecting Yourself!
Finding insurance for your move is simple, which makes it even more unbelievable that so many people would move unprotected each year. All it takes is a quick look online or a quick call to your homeowner’s insurance company, to find out how much coverage you can get for what cost. It only takes a few minutes, but it can make all the difference between a move where everything arrives in the condition that you left it in, and a move where all of your beloved things arrive damaged.
The choice is easy! Get moving insurance for your move today.