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Thing to Know When Moving to Boston MA

Moving to Boston, just like moving to any other location in the country, will require plenty of time and organizational skills if you want to arrive at your new home without being totally stressed out. Of course if you already live in or near Boston MA, you know plenty about the city, which can help make the move easier. However, if you’re moving into this area from another location, especially a rural or country area, then you might just be in for quite the culture shock. When you make a long distance move to Boston, you not only have to worry about choreographing the move itself with whatever moving companies in Boston that you choose, but you also have to consider your way of life after you move. This is especially true if you have a family who will be relocating with you.

Living in a new city can be quite difficult, but doing a bit of research while you are collecting moving quotes from Boston moving companies who will help you transport your things can go a long way towards helping you adjust and settle quickly. Knowing what to expect can take a lot of the unknowns out of the equation, which only serves to make this transition simple rather than convoluted. For that reason, take your time and get online well before you actually have to move. Find out all that you can about your new home in Boston. To get you started, the experts here at have put together the following list of ten interesting things we bet you didn’t know about Boston. Keep these things in mind as you plan your relocation and consider how different, and exciting, moving to Boston really can be!

  • Sales Tax: With no local sales taxes, and only a 5% state sales tax, shopping in Boston is quite a bit more affordable than you might think. Furthermore, there is no tax on food or clothing items that are priced up to $150 all year round.
  • Vehicle Taxes: Make sure that you budget in the cost of your vehicle tax that you will be responsible for paying each year. The community will send you a bill once a year for 2.5% of the value of your vehicle as stated by the generally assessed value.
  • Car Insurance: Sick of worrying about finding the cheapest auto insurance? Moving to Boston will eliminate your need to look for a cheap policy. In Massachusetts, the only state in the country to do so, insurance rates are set by the state itself rather than the insurance companies.
  • Weather Irregularities: Weather in Boston isn’t always straightforward. On the contrary, it is not totally uncommon to see Spring arrive and then get hit by a blizzard out of the blue. Make sure you’re prepared for all types of weather, as all types do occur in this area.
  • Language: You might think that moving within the country means that you won’t have to worry about learning another language, but the reality of things are simple; in Boston, they have their own form of the English language. Make sure to learn a bit about Boston English before you actually move there.
  • Holidays: there are a couple of holidays that are only celebrated in the Boston area. While Evacuation day and Bunker Hill day can be fun holidays to enjoy locally, don’t try to pay parking tickets or take care of other city business on these days, as all of those offices will be closed.
  • Apartment Leases: In Boston, almost all apartment leases run from September, when the school year begins, to August, when the school year ends. An estimated 250,000 students come into the area just to attend one of the many colleges located here each year.
  • The Purchase of Alcohol: Don’t try to buy beer or liquor on any Sunday or major holiday in Boston. Like most of the state, the sale of alcohol is prohibited on these days much like it was a hundred years ago. Plan ahead, like in all things, to be prepared for football Sundays.
  • Renter’s Benefits: Each year, people who choose to rent a home or apartment in Boston can deduct up to half of their rent on their tax return. While the cap on this is only twenty-five hundred dollars, that is far more than you might get in another state.
  • Finance, Education, Healthcare: These are the three focuses of employment in the Boston area. If you are looking for a job in one of these sectors, then you probably will be pretty successful here. Because the cost of living in Boston is not cheap, however, make sure that you are set up with work before you decide to move there.

As you can see, there are many things about Boston that are different than anywhere else in the country. Moving to this area can be a wonderful thing, but make sure to find out the best way to prepare for a move and find a great moving company before you set the process in motion. In the end, you and your family will be able to make their relocation to Boston without suffering from the problems so often associated with relocation.