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Connecticut, one of the hardest states to spell, can be found on the east coast.  In 1878 it was the first state to issue a phone book.  Containing only 50 names, The New Haven District Telephone Company published it in New Haven.  It is also the birthplace of nuclear powered naval vessels.  The USS Nautilus was built in 1954, at the time a secret project by Admiral Rickover.  The United States Navy has their official submarine museum in Groton, where the ship was built.  The history lesson does not stop there.  The oldest and newspaper in history is still being published.  The Hartford Courant was established in 1764.  That’s not all…it is also the birthplace of something that has gotten all of us in trouble at one time or another…the speed limit.  In 1901 the state passed a law setting the speed limit at 12 miles per hour. Don’t horses run faster?  The automobile regulation did not stop at the speed limit.  Connecticut was the first state to issue license plates for vehicles.

Do you love that PEZ candy?  It is made in the city of Orange.  That is not the only food you can find in the state.  Among the most important crops you can find dairy, vegetables, fruit, and poultry.  Connecticut has a ton of resources to enjoy while visiting.

Perhaps visiting is not enough, and you would like to move?  Here are some things you never thought you would find out about Connecticut.

  • Hartford has remained the capital city since 1875.
  • The first steel mill opened in 1728 in Simsbury.
  • Following the steel mill, in 1836 the first safety fuse was manufactured in Simsbury.
  • Bristol is considered Mum City for the amount of Chrysanthemums that grow there.
  • The state insect is the Praying Mantis.

Living in Connecticut is a good idea for the family minded and quiet folk.  Perhaps it is time to settle down?

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