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Minnesota is a plethora of things. Creativity? Check. Family Fun? Check. Natural Beauty? Check. Technology? Got that too. So just what is it that sets this state out from all of the rest? Is it the abundance of water? Perhaps. The state isn’t known as the land of ten thousand lakes for nothing. In fact, some counts of the lakes put the number closer to fifteen thousand. Or maybe it is the immense choice when it comes to finding something fun to do. Whatever the appeal is, families everywhere are discovering that Minnesota is more than just another state. It’s a whole new lifestyle.

Perhaps the one thing that this state is known for the most is the great outdoors, but there are plenty of things to do inside too that can keep you and the family busy. The state stakes a claim to many advances in the ‘great indoors’ as well, including the first enclosed and climate controlled shopping center. Fast forward to the modern time and you now find the country’s largest mall in this state covering an area that would take 78 football fields to fill up. And they have an amusement park in there along with over five hundred retailers!

It is not just one thing that makes this state the great state that it is. Instead, it is a collaboration of many different things and things not yet discovered.

Relocating to the state of Minnesota? Keep these fun trivia facts in mind!

  • The first person to say ‘Holy Cow’ during a baseball broadcast was a Minnesotan baseball commenter, Halsey Hal.
  • Minnesotan inventions include things like masking tape, Wheaties cereal, the bundt pan, and Green Giant vegetables.
  • Minneapolis is known for having the oldest theatre that has been continuously running since it’s opening.
  • The largest mall in the country, the Mall of America, is located in Bloomington and covers over nine million square feet.
  • There are more golfers in Minnesota, per capita, than in any other state in the union.

While many people might not be very knowledgeable about Minnesota, there are plenty of things to know it by. Whether you love the history or you just like the direction of the future, calling Minnesota home is one choice that is easy to make.

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