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The state of Missouri is known as the Show Me state. It gets this name from a statement made by a congressman back in 1899, who stated that he was from Missouri, and that they would have to show him. The statement stuck and is now the motto of Missouri. But that isn’t all that Missouri is known for. On the contrary, there is a rich history that lines the road to which we have gotten to today on. From events such as the worst tornado to ever hit within the United States in 1925, to the first successful parachute jump in 1912, Missouri has plenty to offer the people who come to live there.

But history isn’t all that you will find in the great state of Missouri. No, there are many other things to enjoy throughout the state like the state bird, the bluebird, or the state insect, the honey bee. ┬áSo many records were set by the state, including the strongest earthquake to hit the continental US, and the tallest man who measured in at just under nine feet tall. Even presidentially bound people were born here, including President Truman, who calls Lamar his hometown.

Any move to Missouri can be enjoyable if you learn about some fun facts while you prepare.

  • The very first successful parachute jump was completed in Missouri by a man named Captain Berry in 1912.
  • The ice cream cone was invented in St. Louis by an ice cream vendor who had run out of cups. He asked the waffle vendor next to him to help by rolling up his waffles to hold the ice cream.
  • Warsaw, in Missouri, holds the state temperature records for both high and low. They are minus 40 degrees in 1905 and 118 degrees in 1954.
  • Saint Louis University is known for being the oldest university west of the Mississippi River. It’s formal charter dates back to 1832.
  • The tallest man on record was from St. Louis. He measured in at 0.9 inches short of nine feet tall.

Missouri is the land of records as well as a great place to live. With all of the available activities in the state, it is no wonder why so many people want to call this place home.

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