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Pennsylvania is another state that pioneers in many areas.  It was home to the first computer in 1946, in Philadelphia. The same city was the first to publish a daily newspaper.  It was also the home to the first presidential mansion, and where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  You can still visit and see the Liberty Bell.

On the other side of the state you can find Steel City, also known as Pittsburgh.  It is the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the National Football League’s leading championship holder.  Other than football, Pennsylvania hosted the world’s first Little League World Series.  There is so much to get out of a visit to the state, that you would need multiple visits.

Visiting this state should be at the top of every one’s bucket list.  Here are a few fun facts about the state you may not have realized.

  • Punxsutawney citizens are proud to be over shadowed by their town’s most famous resident the world-renowned weather forecasting groundhog Punxsutawney Phil. Punxsutawney is billed as the weather capital of the world.
  • Philadelphia is home to the cheesesteak sandwich, water ice, soft pretzels, and TastyKakes.
  • Bob Hoffman of York is hailed the world round as the Father of Weightlifting. Hoffman started York Barbell Corp. in 1932 and preached the gospel of physical fitness throughout his life as an U.S. Olympic coach, businessman and philanthropist.
  • The Shenango River Dam near Sharpsville is a concrete gravity dam with an uncontrolled center spillway. The roadway crossing the top of the dam, over the spillway is nearly 68 feet above the streambed. The dam has a top length of 720 feet with a base width of 66 feet.
  • In June 1778, a 700 wagon caravan escorted the Liberty Bell on its return to Philadelphia from Allentown along Towamencin’s Allentown Road. Nine months earlier, when British troops threatened to capture the city, the bell had been whisked into hiding via the same route.

There is so much to do on a visit.  Even more to keep you busy if you end up becoming a resident.

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