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South Dakota

One of the most well known facts about South Dakota is the fact that there have been many incredible fossil finds in the state. In fact, one of the only full triceritops fossils was located, and is displayed, in the state. Originally part of the Louisiana purchase, South Dakota is home to many natural wonders such as Mount Rushmore and the Mammoth Site Hot Springs, where the largest concentration of wolly mammoth bones have ever been found. There are also important Indian sites and museums that outline the rich western history of the state.

Looking for that technological edge? South Dakota has that too. While the Air Force remains one of the biggest employers in the state, there are also plenty of service and health related technological advances taking place even right now as we speak. With these industries being some of the largest in the state, it is no wonder why they are on the forefront of technology in South Dakota.

Whether you are looking for a quiet place to call home, or a place where you can learn and grow, moving to South Dakota might just end up being one of the best decisions that you ever made in your life. In the end, you will be glad that you took the plunge.

Packing your things for a relocation to South Dakota? Keep the following facts in mind.

  • The world’s greatest mountain carving, Mount Rushmore, is located in South Dakota and took 14 years to complete.
  • John Jacob Astor’s fur company built the most significant trading post on the frontier in the early 1800′s. Not only was this critical to the success of the fur trade, but of the expansion into the west.
  • The world’s largest petrified wood park is located in Lemmon. Fossilized remains from over fifty million years ago were discovered there.
  • Buried in an unmarked grave, Jack McCall was tried and hanged in 1877 for the shooting murder of Wild Bill Hickok.
  • Deadwood is most well known for the gold strike that occurred there in 1875. The city is still known for its mining town atmosphere.

Acting as a gateway to the west, South Dakota was a great place in the past and it continues to be today. It’s no wonder that so many people want to call this state home today.

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