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Most people know Utah for the beautiful sprawling Mormon temples that exist throughout the state. These temples are a testiment to the faith of this group of people, and they serve as architectural wonders for those who wish to view them from the outside. Of course this religion is not the only wonder that you will find in the state of Utah. There are plenty of natural wonders that exist there as well. Some of these are easy to see, such as the great salt flats that surround Salt Lake City. Other wonders might not be so easy to spot, but if you spend a little time looking, you will be glad that you did.

The nation’s first department store was located in the state of Utah. Known as the Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution, the store was created near the end of the 1800′s and continues to operate today. Looking for easy access to travel? Utah has that as well. Multiple interstates run through some of the largest cities in the state, making it easy for you and your family to get out and discover something, or someplace new.

Find out more about the wonderful state known as Utah as you plan and prepare for moving.

  • The world’s first railroad to span an entire country met in Utah in 1869. The site is now known as the Golden Spike National Historic Site.
  • The most famous Mormon Temple, located in Salt Lake City, took over forty years to complete.
  • Rainbow Bridge, the world’s largest natural span of rock is located in Utah. It is over three hundred feet high and nearly as long.
  • Salt Lake City was once known as Great Salt Lake City because of the huge fields of salt that stretch in all directions surrounding the city.
  • Soldiers bound for World War 2 trained on the slopes of the Alta Ski Center, effectively bringing the site into the war effort.

Don’t let the vast expanse of space within the borders of this state turn you off to the wonderful beauty and technology within the borders. Instead, consider Utah when you are ready to move and see just how wonderful it can be.

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