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Five Helpful Tips for People Moving to NYC

Moving to New York City
The city that never sleeps is one of the most sought after destinations on the planet. As such, it is important to know what you are doing before attempting to move there. New York City can be a wonderful place to live, as it is unlike any other in the world. However, moving there can be difficult if you are moving from a rural or even a small city area. That’s why you need to have a few helpful tips on hand that will help you make the transition without too much trouble before you get moving quotes for the move. These five tips might not be the end all and know all of moving to NYC, but they certainly can help you get your move on the right track when you want to break into this busy and bustling city. Keep this list handy so that you can enjoy your move rather than stress over it.
1.        Prepare to Walk…A Lot! People who have moved to NYC in the past know that there is a lot of walking involved in living and moving there. For that reason, you should purchase a backpack that will be comfortable and durable. Also purchase good walking shoes so that your feet don’t hurt. Remember, this is a city where there are plenty of jobs, but you will probably have to walk to find them. Consider putting a good umbrella in the backpack as well so that you don’t have to worry about rain. In the end, this will make walking around the city easier, which will make research and moving easier too.
2.        Transportation: When you are moving to NYC, it is advisable to leave your vehicle wherever it is. It is difficult to drive through the city, let alone park a vehicle on the crowded streets. For that reason, it is advisable to purchase a yearly subway card so that you can ride anywhere you need to when you need to go. Not only will you save yourself the trouble of having to find a location for your vehicle, as well as saving you the heartache of driving in the city traffic, but you will also be able to get where you need to go.

3.        Apartments: There are a ton of apartments in NYC, but no houses. Because this area is so congested, it is easy to see just why this is. Make sure that you spend some time finding the best apartment for you, but keep in mind that they all will be smaller than what you might be used to. For this reason, pick and choose what you are going to bring with you so that you don’t over crowd the small space that you are going to have.

4.        Know Cab Etiquette: Since riding in a cab is one of the more popular methods of getting around the city, it is important to learn the etiquette that you should use when you are looking for that ride. All cabs in the city follow the same rules. Official cabs can be identified by the plastic medallion on their hoods. If the off duty light is on, they won’t pick you up. If a cab has a passenger, it won’t pick you up. Once you are inside, however, the cab must, by law, take you to any address within the city limits.

5.        Know Traffic Laws: While you might be walking, it is important to heed traffic laws just in case. First, you cannot make a right turn on red in the city as it is banned by local law. Also, keep in mind that you should always watch the traffic rather than the traffic light. You can’t get run over or hit by a light, but you can by traffic that runs red lights or speeds up on yellow lights.

Moving to the city of New York can be a wonderful experience, but it will be much different than what you might be used to. Make sure that you keep these simple tips in mind so that you can have a pleasurable moving experience when you finally decide to take the plunge. These lesser known tips will save you lots of time, money, and stress, but remember, there are many other things that you need to do to plan and prepare. Use these as a base and build on them so that you can enjoy your move.

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