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Non Binding vs Binding Moving Quotes

Everyone knows that you should take some time to get moving quotes before you hire a moving company. Why? Because moving quotes give you an idea of how much your move is going to cost. They also allow you to see what kind of prices other moving companies are charging. Regardless of where you are moving, multiple companies will be able to provide you with the services that you need. In the end, it is up to you to make the choice as to which companies you want to choose and which ones don’t meet the standards you have set. Getting quotes is vital to the moving process so that you don’t find yourself in the middle of a moving scam too. By having quotes, you can easily eliminate the companies who are trying to get you to sign a contract by offering you super low estimates. And while all of these reasons make it very important for your to get moving quotes, most people never realize that a simple estimate is not the same as a real, binding moving quote.

Simple Moving Estimates

The only time that simple moving estimates should be used is when you are just starting to look at the options and the various companies that are movers in your area. Getting simple quotes will allow you to amass a great number of price estimates from companies all over the place. It would be counterproductive to actually ask each one of these companies to come to your new home for a binding moving estimate. Instead, use the simple version to weed out any companies that are asking too much or too little so that you can create a short list of four or five businesses that you will soon follow up on.

Remember, these simple estimates are generally not offered by the moving companies themselves; they are given by brokers who are not bound to offer the real prices involved in moving. This is just another scam presented to consumers in today’s marketplace, which can easily be avoided by following up on things by getting a binding quote.

Binding Quotes

Any good moving company will  offer consumers binding estimates. Knowing this falls within your moving rights and responsibilities. These price quotes, quite simply, are binding, legal documents, that will cap the cost of your move. Once the movers have your things on the truck, they will not be able to raise the price or hold your things hostage. When you call a company, make sure to tell them that you are requesting a binding quote so that they can set you up with an appointment for someone to come to your home. The representative of the company will then come to your home and look at the things you are moving. They will list everything in a document and later return it to you with a price estimate on it. The price is generally good for so many days, so that you do have time to think about things and review your other binding estimates  in order to uncover the very best deals that are possible.

Always Opt for Binding Estimates

Whether your move is going to take you over long distance, or if you are just moving down the road, make sure that you opt for the binding moving quotes option so that you don’t have to worry about a moving scam. These simple, yet legal contracts can greatly reduce the trouble that you face and the stress involved in your moving from your old home to your new home. Therefore, no matter what your destination is, always go binding before you bind yourself to a mover.

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