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Over 25 Moving Companies Fined Over Expired or Non-Existent Licenses

Scam movers are being finedOf the many industries that consumers come in contact with daily, the moving industry is perhaps the most unregulated and dangerous. There is rarely anything stopping scam companies from making lots of money, and little to stop other companies from providing less than upfront services. There are few laws that crack down on these companies, until now.More than twenty five different moving companies across the state of New Jersey now face fines of up to $2,500each for not holding the proper licenses required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the state itself. These companies, uncovered by an undercover operation run by the Division of Consumer Affairs, were contacted for appointments. Of the 25 contacted, 17 responded by sending out movers and a truck.Once the truck, and its movers, arrived at the pre-set location, inspectors looked over the truck as well as driving records and questioned the movers themselves. Officials say that last year, over 160 complaints came in about moving companies, so the State is now demanding accountability. By fining these companies, investigators hope to drive the ‘fly-by-night’ moving industry out of the state, allowing those companies that follow the laws to flourish.Lack of Guidelines

Getting stuck into a contract with one of these companies can be a horrible experience. From jacked up prices, to the holding of goods hostage, less than honest movers seem to be located all over the country. While the FMCSA is the government agency that oversees the industry, there simply are not enough guidelines and laws to keep scams under control. Thus, the task of locating and avoiding such companies falls on the consumer.

Red Flags to Look For

There are many things that consumers can do to check out a mover, including watching for three red flags that consumers might run into as they begin their search for the right movers for their needs. Experts agree that consumers should avoid any movers who are not willing to come to your home and provide you with moving quotes. This quote should be a binding estimate; a quote that caps the amount that the movers can charge you on the other end of the move. Finally, any mover who demands a deposit should be looked at carefully. Most professional movers will not charge anything until the move is complete.

Get Free Quotes and Avoid Scams!

Avoiding moving scams can be simple, especially if you let MovingEstimates work for you. By searching with us, consumers can connect with top notch, pre-screened movers who are known for providing great services at a price that everyone can love.

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