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Plan Ahead When Moving to Avoid Natural Disaster Problems

Perhaps one of the most jaw dropping photos to hit the net this month is those that show the broad swath of damage caused by the recent outbreak of tornadoes through Alabama and Mississippi. To date, the storm is blamed for over three hundred deaths as well as millions of dollars worth of damage. Victims are quoted as saying entire towns have been wiped off the map, and dozens of people are still searching for loved ones that have no resurfaced after the storm.

All in all, the storms that ravaged the south that week account for only a small percentage of tornadoes seen throughout the country in any given year. While this outbreak was a record setter due to the length of the storm and how many tornadoes it spawned, violent weather is not an isolated event. Thus, it is important to consider the impact of such events on a home that you are considering moving to.

Know the Danger

No matter where you move, you are going to be subject to some kind of natural phenomenon. It is vital that you research the area where you are moving to for more than just a layout or moving quotes. Take time now, before you move, to research the dangers that might exist in the place you are moving to. While not all areas suffer from tornadic outbreaks, there is bound to be something else that will pose a danger to you and your family. From earthquakes in California, to hurricanes along the east coast, be aware of what you are walking into.

Make a Plan

Again, whatever dangers you might be facing, make sure that you take time to build a family disaster plan. The Red Cross can facilitate such plans if you really have no idea how to begin, but be sure that you have one in place before you end up facing some form of natural disaster. When you are building your plan, be sure to include safe zones, places for family members to meet up, and important numbers to remember. Include an evacuation plan as well, in the event that you find yourself leaving your home because of some kind of impending event. Always do this before you move, along with these other things people forget when moving.

Don’t Panic

Perhaps the best bit of advice anyone can offer in the wake of a natural disaster is ‘don’t panic’. Panic only makes things more chaotic at a point in time when chaos is already plentiful. As such, be sure to follow your plan and keep the panic to a minimum so that things can be accomplished and the road to recovery can be met. In the end, panic solves no problems, so heed these simple tips and you too can make it through whatever the planet throws your way.

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