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Preparing your Pet for a Long Distance Move

pets move - goldfish jumping out of the water Some people might think that moving with pets is something that will take loads of money and more effort that it’s worth, but in the end, it is always good to move to your new home with your entire family intact. This includes your animals as well. As such, you can easily make it through the moving process if you get organized early on and plan ahead. Here are some tips that can help you get your animal ready for a long distance move.

Maintain a Routine

Whether you are choosing a pet mover, an airline trip, or a ride in the car, it is important to keep your pet’s routine similar to what they are used to all the way up until the day they leave. Not only will this help avoid any behavioral problems that might come up due to nerves and anxiety throughout the move, but it will also help avoid health problems that can come from stress as well. Don’t overload your pet’s diet with snacks and other treats, especially when they might already be feeling sick due to the chaos of moving.

Visit the Vet

Regardless of where you are moving, you need to make a final appointment for your animal at the vet that they have been seeing on a regular basis. Not only will this give you a chance to make sure that your animal is in a healthy condition, but it will allow you the time to get a copy of any records that you may need to give the new vet in your new location. Verify that all of your dog’s shotsare up to date as well in case you need to present proof in the place where you are going.

Gather Supplies

If you are moving your animal on your own, then you will have to gather any supplies that you need to do so before moving day. This means that you should go out and purchase a carrier or other method of securing your pet before you need to actually move them. All animals should be restrained while in a vehicle. Make sure that you purchase the right form of carrier for the method of transport you are using. For example, if you are traveling by air, ensure that your carrier meets the standards for air transport of pets.

Pack a Pet Travel Kit

Just like any humans who are moving with you, it is a good idea to put together a moving kit for your pet. This travel box will usually contain anything that might be important to you or your animal throughout the trip. You can include things like collapsible water and food dishes, enough food for a few days in pre-portioned bags, special toys, leashes and collars, and important paperwork in the box. The contents will vary depending on what kind of pet you have and what its particular needs are. No matter what, however, you should always have a box of this type with you when you are moving with your pets.

Prepare and Plan

The best way to get through your move if you are taking your pets with you is to plan ahead and prepare yourself for any of the many problems that might come your way. Keep these things in mind and you will find that moving with your animals can be simple for everyone involved in the move. There are companies that charge extra for transporting your pets so make sure you include them when asking for moving quotes.

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