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Relocating Pets – Local Moving Made Simple

Moving locally with your animals is not difficult, as long as you keep a couple of important things in mind. Despite the lack of distance, any move is going to be stressful on your animals. It is your job, as an animal owner, to alleviate the worries and stress that your animal is going to feel throughout the process. Here are some things to remember when you are moving just down the road, but you are taking animals with you. Following these steps can really make the process so much easier to handle for you and your entire family.


Keep a Routine


All animals have a routine that they are used to. It is this routine that keeps them happy and calm. When you are facing a move, even a local one, there are things around your animal that are going to change. Your routine should not be one of them. Animals thrive on the fact that they get fed and walked at the same time every day. Thus, to avoid problems throughout the moving process, keep these things in mind and help your pet remain stress free throughout the move. This will actually make things easier for you, as you will not have to deal with any of the implications that come from an anxious pet.


Keep Them Secure on Moving Day


It is vital for the health of your pet and your own sanity that you keep your animal secure on moving day. There are a couple of ways that you can accomplish this. One of them involves clearing out a room for your pet to be locked in on moving day. This room should be totally clear except for food, water, and maybe a couple of toys. Make sure to let anyone who is helping you know that your animal is in the room and that no one should open the door. The last thing you need is for your pet to get out of the room and out of the house that day.


Allow Them Time to Adjust


Just like the people in your family, animals need some time to adjust to the differences that your new home will have. This means that they need time to run around and sniff every part of the house. Some people find that it is better, especially for cats, to keep them in a single room until they are used to that area before they are allowed to roam the whole house. Make sure to supervise the transition so that you can avoid any damage that your pet might do to your new home. Also keep in mind that your pet will find comfort in something from the old house. Consider bringing a blanket or a bed for them that has not been washed. Scents from their old life will only help alleviate the anxiety.


Take Precautions


Always take precautions when you are moving locally with your pet. Even though you plan on being in the same area as you always have, your pet can easily become confused and lost if they should find their way out of the new house. You don’t want them turning up at your old home thinking you are there, so be careful and proactive when it comes to keeping your animal secure. Walk the backyard to make sure they cannot escape, and don’t allow outdoor cats outside until they are well versed in the new place. Doing so will only help protect your animals, who are loved members of the family as well.


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