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Moving Pets

Thousands of pet owners move to new homes each year. Some people choose to send their animals to new homes or shelters, but the majority of people want to keep their animals with the family they are used to. As such, these people need to know just a couple of important things so that moving is not something that becomes a problem for their family and their animals. Following are just a few of the most important things a pet owner can remember when moving with an animal.

  1. Remember that your pet loves their schedule. They are used to getting fed on time and they expect to be going on a walk at a certain time. If you disrupt this, you will stress the animal out. Stressed out animals are known for behavioral problems, so it is best to reduce the stress as best you can.
  2. Keep your animals away from strangers. Strangers and new smells will only cause stress and those nagging behavioral problems. To avoid these issues, make sure that you keep your animal confined when there are workers in the home. Don’t forget to warn the movers or other workers that your animal is confined so that they don’t go into the room.
  3. Pay as much attention to your pet as you can. They will take their cue from you so if you are calm and easy going, then they will not stress about the move as much as they might otherwise. Regardless of where you are moving, always take some time out to reassure your furry friend.

Moving to a new home with your pets is not a difficult task if you know what you are doing. Keep these simple tips in mind and you can easily see just how simple it can be. Soon, you and your friend will be in your new home together and the stress of the move will feel as if it is very far away.