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Reusing International Cargo Containers: Creative Re-purposing of Old Shipping Crates

Re usable containers for shippingWe all have seen international shipping crates somewhere. Generally, they are seen on cargo ships that travel the ocean between different countries transporting goods and providing international moving services. On occasion, you can see the same crates on the back of transport trucks that finish the journey that they are sent on. Sometimes, however, you can also see these crates being put to use in more creative ways. After all, these boxes are only boxes; they are heavy duty, metal crates that can be used for a variety of different purposes. Here are just some of the most creative ways that these crates can be used. Can you think of some others?Container Housing

While it might not be mainstream yet, using old international cargo containers as a home can create a unique and cheap housing project. There are some container cities out there that provide housing for many people, while there are others who simply take a single container and turn it into an apartment of sorts. When put together, however, they can provide apartment style housing for many people in a small area. Strong and sturdy, these containers can be great for fast construction too. Would you live in one of these containers?

Killing Time

Another great use for singular cargo containers other than for moving services and goods transportation involves creating places for people to kill time. Not only are there waiting rooms created by using these already constructed boxes, but there are garden additions and outdoor rooms that make use of the simple, boxlike creations. Because there is nothing inside, designing what you want and how you want it is easy when you consider using a cargo container instead of building something from scratch.


Yet another thing that you can do with international cargo containers involves using them as a place to build a business. From a simple snack shop on the corner of a busy street, to putting them together to create a store or even an office complex, the possibilities for these containers are nearly endless. Just take a look at what some people have done with their containers to make their businesses unique and different while keeping their costs low.


Finally, many people use these containers to create buildings that are unlike any others that you might have seen before. From specially designed dorms to schools that are efficient and cheap, these cargo containers can really be put to use in a million different creative ways.

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