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Self Service Commercial Moving

Business relocating to new offices

There can be many different reasons behind a commercial moving plan. You might find that another location makes more sense in the business world, or you might just want out of your current lease in order to avoid costly raises in the rent. Regardless of what your reason is, moving your company will be something that you have to plan for well in advance of the day you are moving. Recently, many business owners were polled, and they said that they might consider a self move just to save the money. Self moves, especially for businesses, require extra planning and work, so consider the following when you begin the moving process.

Spread the Word

Moving a company is a lot like moving a home, with a whole other level of complexity weaved in. Because you can’t make money if people don’t know where you are, it is important to spread the word that your company is moving to a new place. This means that you have to let your customers and your venders know where you are going and when you will be going there. Assign a couple of workers to this task. Hand them the list of phone numbers, which can be a very long list for some companies, and let them make all the phone calls before moving day arrives. Make sure that you have a date set at this point so that you can give people and other business contacts an exact day that the move will take place.

Build a Moving Checklist

Just like if you were moving to a new home, it is a good idea to build a moving checklist that covers every step that you need to take in order to get your business moved to a new location. This checklist might contain things that would be on a home moving checklist, but it will probably be much longer than a residential move as well. Make sure that you sit down with all of your employees to go over the moving checklist so that everyone knows what is going on and what they need to take care of throughout the process. Remember, you still need to keep your business running at the same time you are planning and preparing a move. Be sure to assign some employees to that task as well as to the moving related tasks.

Employee Involvement

You have to pay your employees anyways, so why not put them to work? Most businesses can move much easier if employees pack things around the office or location rather than hiring movers to do it for them. Assign each person an area, usually their own cubicle or work area, and then give them the tools that they need to pack all of the things in that area. Make sure they leave heavy or dangerous items alone, however, as the last thing you need is a workers’ compensation claim during this period of time. Regardless of where you are moving your company, it is important to ensure your employees are a part of the process. Keep this in mind and moving can really be a cinch even for your business.


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