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Tipping Your Movers. A Good Guideline to Follow

If you have taken the time to collect moving quotes and find a good mover with a great reputation, then you might think that your move is covered. The truth is, you will not know if your things make it to your new home undamaged until you get to your new home and unpack. A million things could happen along the way, however, which is why you have moving insurance. But what if a couple little things could help prevent damage and rough handling in the first place? What if you could stop the problem before it started, only a short while after meeting the movers for the first time?

The Many Faces of Tipping

There are a few different ways that you can tip your movers whether you are using local or long distance moving quotes. Many people like to give a monetary tip, but people who don’t move all of the time may not know how much to give. Well, the common consensus on tips is that they should be based on how long it took to load the truck. For four hours of work, ten dollars should be sufficient. Double that work time, and double the tip as well. For jobs that involve stairs or difficulties in moving things out of the home, consider adding a few dollars to that.

If you want to consider something other than a monetary tip, consider purchasing lunch or a meal for the movers. Make sure that you ask first about a food preference, as these guys have probably had enough pizza to open their own pizza shop. Provide some cold water throughout the day as well and you will be appreciated by the movers regardless of how long the job takes.

Showing Appreciation

Making sure that your movers know you appreciate their work is a big deal for your movers. They are part of the service industry, and considered to be the hardest working of them all. At the same time, they often make the least in tips. As you can imagine, they will be more careful with goods shipped by someone who tipped them well, versus a person who didn’t give them the time of day. This is the first line of defense for your goods, but only when dealing with honest and highly reputable movers.

From the Front Lines

When asked about the topic of tipping, movers responded resoundingly in the same manner. They all said that consumers should remember not to make a lump sum payment to the foreman of the job. Instead, present each of the movers with their portion. Not only does this prevent less than honest foremen from taking advantage of the situation, but it shows each member of the moving team that you appreciated their work and efforts throughout the day.

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