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Tipping Your Movers – How Much is Enough?

There is no doubt about it, moving is backbreaking work. Those who work in this profession are often tough and able to carry quite a bit of weight, but that doesn’t make the work any easier. When a mover goes the extra mile, or takes the time to make sure your things are carefully handled, it is always a good idea to provide some kind of a tip. Not everyone agrees on how much to tip, if anything. Some people say that you pay enough for the moving service, so why should you include a huge tip on top of it? At the same time, it is important to realize that much of that expense does not make it to the actual employees. It can be a confusing topic, but there are some guidelines and tips that you can follow in order to give the right amount.


Time Involved


The best gauge to judge just how much to tip your movers is the time that it takes them to load up your things and have them ready for transport. For smaller moves that require only a few hours, ten dollars per worker is generally considered a good amount. If you own a larger home, and you know that they are going to be there for at least eight to ten hours, then you might want to consider offering more like twenty or thirty dollars per mover. Moves that take even longer should receive higher amounts. Most people agree that if a move should take more than twelve hours, more than fifty dollars per mover is appropriate.


Food and Non-Monetary Tips


On top of a monetary tip, it is always a good idea to offer some kind of food and drink throughout the day while the movers are working. There are a couple of benefits to taking such actions. First, the movers will be more upbeat and have more energy to get your things moved into their truck. Secondly, they will appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to make sure they were well taken care of, and usually they will pass this action on to the goods that you are shipping to your new home. Water bottles are perfect to have all day, as well as snacks that can be eaten on the run, but make sure to set aside at least a few minutes for lunch that you either make or order from a local restaurant.


How NOT to Tip and Things to Avoid


While there are many ways that you can tip your movers, there are also some things that you should avoid when you are considering a tip. The biggest no-no when it comes to tipping is beer or other alcohol. It may be a stereotypical reaction, but many moving companies have strict rules against drinking while on the job. A nice cold beer might sound great at the time, but the consequences could be more than you bargained for. Another thing to remember is that when you do give the movers a monetary tip, make sure to hand out the money to each individual. Not only will this tell them that you appreciate each one of their efforts, but you will also avoid problems that are sometimes caused when a foreman keeps all of the money to themselves.


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