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What Makes Local Moving Different than Long Distance Moving

Express deliveryWhen you utter the word ‘move’ many people cringe. Not only is moving expensive, but it is stressful as well. While the word conjures up images of large tractor trailers and other moving tools, along with long treks over miles of open road, this image might not always be quite correct. In fact, local moving is anything but long and daunting. Thousands of people move each year, but many of them are not aware of the differences between long distance and local moving. Yet, to those who are relocating locally, these differences are quite important. To this end, here are some of the bigger differences between the two.

Moving Company Charges

Perhaps the biggest difference between long distance and local relocation is the charges that are associated with the transport of your things from one place to another. Long distance movers are bound to charge by the weight of your shipment, which is something that is checked at weighing stations located along the roads from one place to another. Local companies, however, charge an hourly rate based on the truck and how many movers are involved. They also charge extra for any packing that they have to do, while many long distance companies offer packing as part of the moving process. Make sure you ask for moving quotes in all relocation projects.

Time and Scheduling

The time it takes to get your things from your old home to your new home is also something that differs between the two types of moves. Long distance moves obviously take more time to complete and can involve lengthier trips, while local moving can almost always be completed in a matter of hours. Most local movers schedule multiple moves in one day, offering you a chunk of hours depending on how large your home is and how many boxes you plan on transporting to your destination. This is determined when you call to get a quote or schedule the move itself.


Because local movers are just that, local, they are much more flexible than long distance movers. Not only can they make multiple trips if they have to, but they are able to adjust according to emergencies that might come up along the way. These companies often don’t require a deposit either, unless the move is going to be complex and at the high end of pricey. Regardless, moving locally will provide you much more flexibility than if you were to move over a long distance.


Because local movers are a part of the community, the business is often more transparent than long distance types. Not only will you see their trucks on your local roads over and over again, but you will be able to spread the word about how good, or bad, their service was. As such, it is in the company’s best interests to provide you with the best that they can offer. Thus, it is easier to find a great local company than it is to find a long distance one.  While you still should put in the time and research to find a great mover, local moving is much simpler than the long distance sort.

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